My approach is based on human behaviour, in particular bodily manifestations like uncontrolled movements (Le bâillement, 2005-2006), premonitions (Présence, 2007-2008), synchronicity (La concordance des fluides, 2008-2009), sign language gestures (Sédiments, 2009 and Interpellations, 2010-2011), inertia (Approaching Stillness, 2012-2013) and Gratitude (2014). The unusual nature of my creation is essentially rooted in the experience I share with the models. The scenarios created are themselves performances that bear testimony to the fragile existence of places and the people who occupy those places. These encounters no longer strictly belong to us; rather they portray the condition of things and of individuals, and translate the subjective reality that lies within as well as the exterior reality of bodies.


The limitations of time, light, space, and the temperament of my subjects are what drive my creation and guide my images, which are minimally configured, placing me and my models in a situation of insecurity. The resulting tension is tangibly reflected in my photographs, to the point that it figures prominently in my work. The uncanny (Das unheimliche) realism, which is sometimes unsettling, or even threatening, lends itself to an unconventional reading. My subjects are painstakingly selected for the expressiveness of their bodies and the quality of their presence. Their faces, transformed or inexistent, reveal the immateriality of their identity. Every session is an encounter between individuals. Without using force, I set up the elements that expose the message.