Approaching Stillness 2012-2013


Approaching Stillness is a photographic project that started in Brussels in 2008 when I was exploring the theme of solitude. I continued this research in Chalons-sur-Saône in 2009, where subjects disappear into the landscape. The topic gently shifted in Saint-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu in 2011 and echoed with abandonment and loss of identity. From Montréal to Sainte-Julienne, and Winnipeg to Mont-Joli, the topic separated into layers and came back together under the themes of depersonalization, absence, fading, abandonment, disappearance of the self, becoming part of the landscape… to better understand humanity.


The scenarios present the absence of certain members, such as the head, portraying the extreme depersonalization and abandonment of my models, depicting their desire to melt away into something. Approaching Stillness also questions the human beings’ relationship with their environment (comfort, habits, reclaiming, identification, etc.). The place and model’s position in space suggest a notion of belonging, an intrinsic connection between the inhabitant and the inhabited. It’s as if the fractured model somehow completed the scene, and the loss generated by the emptiness of absence gave birth to a whole.