La concordance des fluides (Fluid’s concordance) 2009

This project came from a fascination for the range of a movement, the trace it leaves behind, the echo it generates.


I conducted an initial study under the theme “Presence” in 2008 and presented it in a collective exhibition, Versions, at the RTT of Brussels. My premise at the time was “The other who is present without being there”. It ended up consisting of a series of six images where the other sometimes is an apparition, and sometimes a reality. This Presence of the other can be uncertain or, a contrario, so mimetic that the characters come together to make a whole.


My reflections then brought me to explore synchronicity. The Presence, felt or perceived, of the other gradually transformed into a physical meeting: moments where protagonists are in the same state of body or mind, gestures synchronize, fluids harmonize. Through directed and free improvisation workshops, I grasped instances of communion, of synchronicity with these twin interpreters (Séverine and Élodie Lombardo).


Working with Élodie et Séverine Lombardo was a time of great fluidity for me. Over the years, we developed a complicity based on respect and understanding. This project is not photos of dance. There is no choreography. Our work methodology was free and directed improvisation, and light was my starting point for each session, which in turn inspired the spatial and time limitations of the shots and the suggestions of the interpreters. The result is a series of moments that are rich with exceptional intimacy.