True Stories 2018

True Stories (Geology of Melancholy) was presented at Skol Center from January 10th to June 10th, 2018.


Since 2014, my work addresses concerns related to the inhabited space, to the transcendence of geometric space from the angle of the vernacular, the symbolic, the ceremonial, the sacred and the fantasized. During my projects, I seek to see objects and places that suggest a presence (sometimes concrete, sometimes indefinable), and a transformation or appropriation of spaces generating potential, a parallel life or a story. My research focuses on the photographic act and the inconvenience, so that it is never reassuring. The set shows a labyrinthine and uncomplicated set of tracks where people are invited to find clues to form a coherent story, but nothing is finally solved.


My production evokes an entanglement of truthful, intimate, narrative and imagined links. This project proposes to play between the tenuous lines of the real and the fictional, stagings that are not, real or imagined troubles. This is part of a broader approach to the restitution concern engaged in the enhancement of imperfection, giving photographs a dubious aesthetic. In this way, my photographic series report complex narratives relating the discomfort of a being within a dystopian society.