I am originally from the Lower Laurentians where my creative world came into being, inspired by the uniqueness of its spaces and its inhabitants. In photography, I pay special attention to ways in which individuals enter immediate environment, which they serve, with a preference for the most unique and the most peculiar aspects of the space. The vernacular hides part of the mystery and never fails to fascinate me. The quality of impenetrability seems to be at the heart of its essence.


My images are linked by the perplexity, doubt and discomfort they stir in us. The images evoke an elusive space between the self and the immediate environment. I am interested in the ordinary and extraordinary dimensions of spaces, the way people take ownership of those spaces, and what they can evoke for themselves and to us. I look for the personal, the unusual, the moving passages of internal and external spaces, and what the former reflect through the latter.


Encounters are the focus of my photographic approach because they involve taking a risk, a danger, an indefinable space with which I can create, and make infinitely my own. The encounter, be it that of a place or a human being, is a way to connect dots, discover precious interstices, and cause surprise, discomfort, and divergence, but also joy and contemplation.